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2023 - Construction of New Home & Studio Space.

Some exciting news for this year will be the construction of our new home and studio space on our property in Evergreen, Colorado. Part of this construction will include my husband and I doing much of the work ourselves. We have experience in doing many projects at our previous homes in Pennsylvania, but nothing to this extent. We are beyond excited about it!

Since this upcoming year will be a busy one, I will be selecting specific art events in which to participate and then focus more of my time in the studio. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with different surface textures for my pastels and paints, along with exploring the effects of light, atmosphere and a variety of weather conditions, to establish a more dramatic mood within my artwork.

In addition to my studio “playtime”, I will be creating new pieces for upcoming art shows, including a body of work with Colorado birds and wildlife, now that I have enough photo references and sketches of them. Also, as an important part of creating new artwork, I will continue to work on commission pieces throughout the year.

I’m excited about all of the possibilities in my art career after we’re done building. I will once again have a dedicated studio space with plenty of room to create, host art events, and welcome clients, visitors and fellow artists. FINALLY, a permanent studio location to be inspired and create art in Colorado!

Here’s a sneak peak of our progress so far…

Property View


We found land in 2019 and cleared trees in 2020 (our workout during the pandemic shutdown.)

Digging Begins


In the fall of 2022 - let the digging BEGIN!



The driveway rough-in is completed… and soon, a new home and STUDIO!

2022—Pride as a Ukrainian American

There are events happening in the world today which some people may not be able to relate to. But for others they are very personal and the war on Ukraine is such an event for my family and me. We are Ukrainian and for us it's not surprising that this travesty is unfolding because the threat on Ukraine has existed for centuries. My parents and grandparents experienced this firsthand in the early 1940s.

Both of my parents were born in Lviv, Ukraine and escaped the spread of communism during World War ll at a very young age with their parents. My father's journey with his family took him to Germany and eventually arriving in America, through Ellis Island, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My mother and her family travelled to Austria, then to Tunisia in Northern Africa and years later to Cleveland, Ohio. Ironically, my parents met at a Ukrainian wedding in Cleveland and after they were married, built a home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. ... Even though I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our Ukrainian culture was a large part of my life growing up. Ukrainian was my first language and my sister and I attended Ukrainian School on Saturdays until we were in high school. In our home, I grew up with three generations of my family; my great grandmother, my grandparents, my mom & dad and my sister.

At that time I didn't realize it, but during those years together I learned so much about my family history, Ukrainian culture and what my family went through to have a better life for us. Hearing their stories has given me a deeper appreciation to never take the freedom we have today for granted. I continue to keep Ukrainian traditions and culture in my life, because it's truly a large part of who I am today.

With the recent events in Ukraine, it has left me feeling angry and filled with a sense of helplessness. I still have family that decided to stay in Ukraine and I've been receiving updates from my relatives living in Canada, who are in direct contact with them. I also have family in Pennsylvania who are in touch with friends living in Western Ukraine and hearing of how they are experiencing the relentless bombing just outside their city. I think and pray for them often.

To contribute and help in some way, I will be giving a portion of my sales from the upcoming art show season to aid Ukraine during her time of dire need. I will also be creating new original art and selected prints to showcase the beauty of the Ukrainian countryside.
I look forward to sharing with you my pride as a Ukrainian American and as an artist!

Glory to Ukraine and God Bless America!

2020 Unprecedented Times and an Evolving Art Community A time of adaptability and creative reinvention

In this time of social distancing and restrictions on how many people can be in a group setting, the Pastel Society of Colorado offered to its members, a free online demo/ workshop with Marla Baggetta (a Signature Member of PSA). She would have been at a monthly meeting in person, but because of the virus she agreed to host online from her studio in Oregon. It was a great way to try out new possibilities with the pastel medium and, for me a quicker and looser way of working. I took over the home office space and had fun experimenting!

The Pastel Society of Colorado’s Paint-Outs have also been affected by the pandemic, which are held every month at a Colorado location chosen by the Paint-Out committee. But with travel limitations in Colorado and group size restrictions, these outings were put on hold until regulations change in the state. During this restrictive time, I’m fortunate to have a place to go to sketch, hike, and get a fresh perspective. This place is land that my husband and I bought in Evergreen last year with plans to build our home and studio space, soon.

This opportunity to do Plein Air Painting and immerse myself into studying the trees, rocky outcrops and mountain views has given me an even better understanding of these elements before creating a final painting. Being in this natural environment keeps me in the moment, which truly soothes the soul and quiets the mind!

(Plein Air - pronounced “plen air” is the act of painting outdoors in the open air to capture a landscape in its natural light.)

Welcome to Colorado


Welcome to Colorado


Welcome to Colorado


Welcome to Colorado


2019 New Home for CO Studios
The journey from Pennsylvania across the country to Evergreen, Colorado

My husband and I, along with our dog Taggart, had a great trip across the country to our new home in Evergreen, Colorado. We’ve been here since mid-January and are all settled in. My studio is set-up and I’m creating new art and working on commissions for clients/friends on the east coast!

I’ve also been keeping busy by introducing myself and my art to Colorado. I joined the Center for the Arts in Evergreen, an art organization very similar to the Chester County Art Association in Pennsylvania. The organization features art shows, workshops, lectures and community outreach. I’ve been accepted into the Evergreen Artists Association and the Pastel Society of Colorado. They offer many resources for artists like an informative newsletter, blog, listing of art shows and outdoor festivals, plus their websites have a member list of artists and samples of their art. A nice way to get your name out in a new community!

When the weather gets warmer, I’m looking forward to participating in outdoor art festivals. There are many mountain towns and ski resorts that offer events for artists to sell and showcase their art. One is right here in Evergreen! I’m completing applications now and look forward to being part of these amazing events!

Welcome to Colorado


Snow on the deck image


Snow Storm image


Evergreen Elk image


Breckenridge image


2017 Pastel Workshop with Liz Haywood-Sullivan
“Painting Tidal Delaware Bay in Pastel” Cape May, NJ

In the art field (or actually any field of interest) we have someone or maybe a few people we admire and find inspiration in their work. I've appreciated many artists along my journey as an artist, but there are those few that I truly recognize as leaders in the world of pastels.


One such artist is Liz Haywood-Sullivan. The way she captures light and a sense of mood within her pastels is awe inspiring! Immediately drawn to her artwork I began to study her processes of creating inviting pastels through her instructional books and online tutorials. I enjoyed applying some of her techniques to the way I work with pastel and have been excited about the results.


Last September I had the privilege of reserving the last spot in one of her workshops at the studio of Stan Sperlak (another incredibly talented pastel artist) located in Cape May, NJ. The three day workshop included studio time, along with outdoor painting. She took us back to the basics of observing, sketching with note taking, value studies and working with an underpainting.


As artists, we’re always reshaping and improving our painting techniques and this experience of being submerged in everything pastel and creating new friendships with others that share the same passion was invaluable!

Workshop Images


Workshop Images


Workshop Images

West Chester & Chadds Ford Life Magazine
West Chester & Chadds Ford Life | Fall/Winter 2014 Issue

During one of my 2014 spring outdoor shows, a writer from The Chester County Press (Richard Gaw, who was covering the show) stopped into my booth to take a closer look at my pastels. I waited a few minutes for Richard to walk around before I introduced myself. Impressed with my pastels and our conversation, he asked if I would be interested in having him write an article about my artwork in the Fall/Winter West Chester & Chadds Ford Life magazine. Filled with a variety of emotions I enthusiastically accepted and we made arrangements to meet for a formal interview. The entire process went very smoothly and I'm very happy with the outcome of the article. I hope you enjoy it too!


Trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Inspiration for new pastels comes in many forms, but for me it’s mostly from places I travel to. One such place, where I’ve been before and always enjoy a return trip, is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I had the opportunity to visit this past June when the higher mountain elevations still had winter snow and the valley was filled with a variety of colorful flowers, along with vibrant greens of new growth as far as the eye could see.  It’s an amazing time to visit and be inspired!

I really enjoyed painting on location in Jackson and the surrounding area, where most views were an adventure to get to. The reward of getting to that special place was having a chance to submerge myself into the environment and make that connection I could translate into a pastel. It’s my artistic process of observing nature, appreciating it and then visually expressing the essence that drew me there.

I’m looking forward to creating many new pastels from the sketches, notes and photos I collected while on this trip. Look for them in my upcoming exhibits!


Wyoming Images

Wyoming Image II



Visual Expansion Gallery |
Solo Show for the month of May |
Opening reception during West Chester’s First Friday Gallery Walk
May 2, 5:00 - 9:00pm (meet the artist)

The Visual Expansion Gallery is located in the heart of West Chester, PA and their collection of art consists of a variety of local artists. I’ve been represented by the gallery for three years now and I’m very excited about being given the opportunity to showcase my pastels during the first gallery walk of 2014 through May. Come out to see my collection of new pastels and enjoy an evening of exploring West Chester, with its many restaurants, shops, music venues and coffee houses.

Looking forward to seeing you at the opening!


126 N. High Street | West Chester, PA 19380
Monday-Saturday | 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday | 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.


"Drawn From Nature"- 2013

“Drawn From Nature” - 8th Annual Juried Art Show at The John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. I am pleased to announce that a newly created pastel “Restful Pose” was awarded 3rd Place in a Juried Show at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove this past April. It’s a great honor to receive this award and to be chosen from an exceptional group of artists.


This annual art show embodies the ideas expressed by the John James Audubon Center and the Valley Forge Audubon Society by inspiring people to appreciate, preserve and protect birds, other wildlife and their habitat. It promotes a personal appreciation of the natural world and maintains the artistic, scientific and historic legacy of John James Audubon.


Check back for details on the 2014 “Drawn From Nature” art show so you can plan to visit the show and explore the grounds of the John James Audubon Center.


For directions and information visit: http://pa.audubon.org/john-james-audubon-center-mill-grove

1201 Pawlings Road, Audubon, PA 19403
Tuesday thru Saturday | 10:00 - 4:00pm
Sunday 1:00 - 4:00pm
closed Mondays.


WC_ ress cover | Aug 2013 -Christina Oddo
The WC Press | August 2013 Issue

This past July I received a call from a writer at the WC Press, a local magazine for the West Chester area in Pennsylvania. They were putting together an article about a group of regional artists and wanted to know if I’d be interested. It took all of about 10 seconds to answer “Yes, I would be!”.


Along with thirteen, very talented, fellow artists I shared my bio and an example of my artwork. I chose “A New Day” since it highlights the luminosity I try to capture in my pastels. It was a piece inspired by a sunrise on Moosehead Lake, Maine and every time I look at it, I’m transported back to the shores of that lake, one very early morning.


The article can be found on: www.thewcpress.com

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