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Christina Oddo
Christina Oddo

About the Artist

Artist Statement


"Travels, appreciation for the natural world and love of painting have shaped my vision as an artist. I create expressive realistic pastel paintings that capture fleeting moments of rich color and luminosity in a landscape. I'm fascinated by the transformation of light and how these variations affect the mood of a piece. With pastels, my medium of choice, I'm able to work directly onto textured paper or board applying color and blending. I primarily use earth tones and add highlights of vivid color to guide the viewer's eye through the painting. Inspired by the 19th century landscape painters, who were in awe when they discovered America's endless beauty and inspiring vistas, I strive to bridge an emotional response with the representational elements of a location. My journey will continue with further exploration of mood and space using layered color and unique compositions, aiming to capture the essence of a place.”



Christina Oddo's love of painting and drawing along with her passion for the natural world is apparent in her pastels. Inspired by artists of the Hudson River School, Christina strives to capture those fleeting moments when color and light evoke much emotion. She creates a luminous quality within her pastels to express the romanticism of a landscape. Her style of expressive realism entices the eye - with a closer look, one will discover the many pastel marks that establish the foundation of each painting.


Christina primarily works in pastels, which are her medium of choice because they can be directly applied to paper or board. This allows her to work hands-on when applying color and blending. Her unique style is due to the layered application of soft pastels on a dark background. The result is a rich and luminous quality within her art. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Christina received a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design and is a member of Chester County Art Association, Historic Yellow Springs, and the Kennett Area Arts Coalition.


Christina is represented by local galleries, participates in many juried exhibitions, including outdoor fine arts festivals, and her pastels are in private collections throughout the country. She currently resides in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, where her studio is located.